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Current Investment Opportunities

 IIP Projects - Health

SilverCare - Elderly Care in a post Covid world.

Covali's SilverCare project is now fully approved and we are in partnership with a development firm to commence construction now. There is a severe shortage of beds for Ireland's ageing population and there are significant state support schemes to fund those seeking residence in these homes. We are seeking investors for these projects.


Oxygen Treatment Chamber system for the Irish Health market

The HBOT Centre run by Oxycare Ltd will provide 100% medical-grade Oxygen in an EU-approved medical device (chamber). Most of the beneficiaries of medical HBOT are diabetics who develop difficult-to-treat ulcers and who are at risk of amputation. There are over 200k Diabetics in Ireland costing the state in excess of €600m. HBOT is an effective treatment to reduce this cost.



 IIP Projects - Property

Social Housing 

We are preparing an exciting new Social Housing project which will be ready for investors in the next window. Please check back for further updates.


Re-Housing Project for Homeless Families

Conversion of a state owned house to provide living accomodation for Dublin homeless families, under state guarantee. This is a low risk and very secure investment vehicle offering 2% annual returns plus full equity refund after 5 years.


IIP Investment Fund 

Covali are pleased to promote the Irish Diaspora Loan Fund which is approved by the Irish Government's Immigrant Investor Programme. The purpose of the Fund is to provide competitive finance to a portfolio of low risk businesses which can demonstrate ability to create employment in Ireland.  contact us for more details

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