Current Projects for Investment

IIP Projects

Re-Housing Project for Homeless Families

  • Conversion of a state owned house to provide living accommodation for Dublin homeless families, under state guarantee. This is a low risk and very secure investment vehicle offering 2% annual returns plus full equity refund after 5 years.
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Hotel Expansion

  • Situated near Dublin Airport, this hotel ia available at circa €5m with full planning permission for expansion of bedrooms to double its current size.
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STEP Projects

Technology 1 - Gecko Software

  • A Start Up Software company in the financial sector. €300,000 required to fund expansion. Offering a return of 10% per annum and full repayment on exit after 3 years. GECKO Governance is a new Regtech fund management regulatory solution that allows users to schedule, manage and monitor a large portfolio of investment fund's regulatory & compliance requirements in real-time.
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