Invest in Ireland ...and get an Irish Visa
Invest in Ireland                                ...and get an Irish Visa

We introduce potential immigrant investors to eligible funds and projects in the Republic of Ireland that qualify under the Immigrant Investment Programme (IIP) and Start Up Entrepreneurial Programme (STEP) for residence Visas, which are provided to non European nationals by the Department of Justice.






Our associates at Shannons Solicitors will provide all the professional legal advice at all stages of the approval process to ensure a successful application.


Contact us if you are an Immigrant Investor applying for an Irish Residence Visa or if you have a project which requires finance and may qualify for the programmes below in Ireland.


Qualifying projects under the Immigrant Investment Programme (IIP) will accept funding of €1,000,000 per investor.


Qualifying projects under the Start Up Entrepreneur Programme (STEP) will accept funding of €50,000 per investor. 


Successful applicants will be granted residency in Ireland for 5 years. This will be subject to an intial review after 2 years. If this review is successful, the investor will be granted residency for another three years. Investors can then apply to have their residency renewed every 5 years.


The investor is not required to be peramanently resident in Ireland, nor does he or she need to be present in Ireland to manage the venture. The investor need only visit Ireland once every 12 months.


The programme also allows for the investor's family to receive Visas, making the Irish Investor Programme very attractive compared to other schemes around the world.

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